Play Therapy

Children with CHD can experience significant trauma following heart surgeries and long periods as in-patients in hospital.

Fear and anxiety are common emotions that children with CHD experience and because they do not have the language to express their worries, their trauma can be witnessed in nightmares, separation anxiety, behavioural issues, etc. When you are small and unable to understand what is happening to you, having an outlet for your fears can provide a vital release.

The same is true for siblings of children with CHD who, while not directly affected by the condition, are still living with it’s impact. They too experience separation anxiety when the family becomes fractured each time a brother or sister is hospitalised. They too can be living with significant stress that they may not want to share with their already over-burdened parents.

Play Therapy offers a solution to both children with CHD and their siblings, allowing them to access a safe, child-friendly environment. With the guidance of a Play Therapist, they can begin to express their emotions and release their anxieties while in the care of a neutral and trusted adult.

This type of early intervention can be key to preventing the need for further psychological support at a later point in a child’s life and having access to a Play Therapist, close to home, will provide a hugely supportive psychological lifeline to affected children. Heart Children fully funds a programme of 14 sessions for children living in all parts of Ireland who require this support.

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