Summer Picnic 2023

Summer Picnic 2023

Mad Hatter Summer Picnic for Heart Children at Airfield, Dundrum

Despite the rain trying to dampen our spirits, the Mad Hatter Summer Picnic for Heart Children at Airfield in Dundrum was an absolute delight!

We took a whimsical journey down the rabbit hole with our Mad Hatter theme, bringing a touch of Wonderland to the picnic. From curious decorations to fantastical hats, the atmosphere was truly magical. A heartfelt thank you to our amazing volunteers who braved the weather to make this event truly special. Your dedication and enthusiasm warmed our hearts despite the weather! Thanks to Stephen from Blackthorn Arts who cast a spell with their captivating performances as always!

Let’s remember this day as a testament to the resilience of our heart children and the community that supports them. Stay tuned for more heartwarming events and initiatives!

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