Hospital Saturday Fund

Hospital Saturday Fund

At a Special Reception in Dublin twenty-eight Irish charities received donations from the Hospital
Saturday Fund. In total, €136,000 was donated to the medical charities and organisations at the
event, which was hosted by the Lord Mayor of Dublin Caroline Conroy. Speaking at the reception, The Lord Mayor celebrated the extraordinary work of all the charities
receiving donations from the Hospital Saturday Fund.

Among the beneficiaries were Heart Children which received a donation of €4,000 to help support vital services for children with CHD and their families.

Paul Jackson, Chief Executive of the Hospital Saturday Fund said: “We are delighted to continue the
tradition of supporting many wide-ranging charities in Ireland, many of which are less well-known.
The Hospital Saturday Fund is honoured to support the efforts of such deserving charities and help in
some way towards the exceptional, tireless work that they do in making such a huge and positive
difference to people’s lives.”
The reception also celebrated HSF health plan, a type of medical insurance product, and the 150th
Anniversary of the founding of The Hospital Saturday Fund.
Mr Jackson commented, “With all of our profits going to our parent charity, The Hospital Saturday
Fund, which then makes donations to medical charities, hospitals and hospices, everyone who takes
out a policy with us is really helping to make a difference to their local community”.
“It is also reassuring to know that since 1949 we have been helping families and individuals in
Ireland with the cost of their everyday medical bills. Our wide range of benefits are valued by our
policyholders and their dependents, with some people using our benefits in conjunction with their
Private Medical Insurance, whilst others use HSF health plan as a stand-alone product. Regardless of
what cover people have, we offer outstanding value for money”.
In 2023 the Hospital Saturday Fund will give €2.5 million in donations and grants to medical charities
for care and research, hospices and hospitals across Ireland and the UK. Assistance will also be given
to individuals whose illness or disability has caused financial difficulties.


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