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Míde’s Story

My name is Míde. I am a Heart Child.

I was born with Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA) on 24th May 1990 and had open heart surgery, the Senning / Mustard operation in Crumlin’s Children’s Hospital in February 1991, carried out by the late Mr Maurice Nelligan. The open heart surgery involved re-routing of the blood flow in my heart so that my right ventricle pumps blood around the body while my left ventricle now pumps to the lungs (the opposite of normal hearts).

The surgery was successful, and I recovered well. I was looked after in Crumlin under the care of Dr Desmond Duff before moving to the Mater Hospital at 16 years old. I continue to attend the adult congenital heart clinic there regularly.

I have remained well, and I have been able to live a happy, fulfilling and normal life.  I am a junior doctor working and living in Glasgow. I studied graduate medicine in Poland, having first done a science degree in UCC. As a doctor, having seen many poorer outcomes from a variety of congenital heart conditions, I realise just how privileged and fortunate I am.

I am a keen runner and regularly run 5-10 km without breaking too much of a sweat! I will never be entering or winning the Olympics but I’ve come to accept that now; the joy of running is enough for me at the moment. Sport has played a bit part in my life and I am incredibly lucky that I can continue to enjoy it – long may that continue!

While I remain very well at the moment the future remains somewhat uncertain and I could encounter complications in later life. With this in mind, I try to live the most fulfilling life I can, and I am always grateful for what I can do. Who knows what the future holds.

Míde Duff

Míde’s Story
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