Camino group walks 113km from Sarria to Santiago raising over €17,000 for our support services.

Camino group walks 113km from Sarria to Santiago raising over €17,000 for our support services.

Our group of eight Heart Children supporters traveled to Spain on September 8th to start their 113km walk from the Galician town of Sarria to Compostela de Santiago. The group fundraised an astonishing amount of over €17,600 for our support services.  Participants covered the costs of the trip themselves and committed to fundraising €1000 each. Thanks to their efforts they all raised above their target!

The Camino de Santiago is considered a bucket list destination for many people, whether you consider yourself a spiritual person or not. Thousands of people walk the Camino de Santiago every year. Coming from all walks of life, this pilgrimage is one that enchants all who make the journey.

One of the best things about walking the Camino is that anyone can do it. You do not need to be an experienced hiker or a strong athlete. The age range of the group was varied and even included the grandmother of one of our members who hiked it with ease. The Camino memorable experience, something that will stay with you long after your return home. The sense of achievement, the camaraderie and the friendships made are among the most magical experiences you will ever have.

The route is clearly marked and with pilgrims at the front and more walking behind you, there is little chance of getting lost!  At every step of the way, you will find fellow pilgrims, some enjoying coffee in one of the many stunning restaurant stops along the route, others gathering in groups to rest in nature before setting off again and of course your own group that you begin the journey with as acquaintances and arrive at the Cathedral as friends.

There are so many wonderful moments captured on the Camino. Each day starts early with a hearty breakfast. The group then sets off to walk to each town which will bring them closer to the end destination. There is a sense of being connected, to your fellow pilgrims, to nature, and most importantly to yourself. You can choose to take your time and walk at a pace that allows you to take in the beauty of your surroundings and enjoy the company of your group. You can also take time alone, to align yourself with nature’s rhythm and enjoy the peace and tranquility of just being away from the normal stresses and strains of life.

The coffee (and cake) stops are a must, there is no rushing on the Camino, it is your time and your pilgrimage. You can sit and enjoy a traditional almond slice and a frothy hot cafe con leche while giving your legs a well-earned rest. When you move off again you might decide to listen to some music, joke and laugh with your new Camino friends or simply wander along enjoying the

Each new town you arrive at marks another day where you get the most wonderful sense of achievement. There is the much needed hot shower, change of clothes and then down to enjoy dinner and soak in the atmosphere of the town you have arrived in. Every night there is talk and laughter and a bonding through shared experience that is special and at times emotional. The magic of the Camino is that it lifts the spirits, gives all the feel good endorphins and of course the inner pride of knowing that you are playing your part by fundraising and adding even more meaning to the adventure.

The Camino De Santiago, a bucket list adventure and a trip of a lifetime…..

If you are interested in taking part in our Camino Trip in September 2024 please email to register your interest


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