Ghostbusters Ireland – Mass Hysteria Raffle!

Ghostbusters Ireland – Mass Hysteria Raffle!

Heart Children are delighted to announce Ghostbusters Ireland are having MASS HYSTERIA RAFFLE with wonderful prizes including

1st Prize

Lego Ecto1,  Original Ghostbusters Painting on Canvas,  Ghostbusters Monopoly Board Game,  Set of 4 Custom Made Pewter Proton Rings, Funko Pop Slimer figure signed by Robin Shelby, Weta Workshop’s, The Ghostbusters Mini Epics Figures: Egon, Ray, Winston, Peter and Slimer, Tobin’s Spirit Guide, Full Scale Ben Of Kent Proton Pack and Neutrona Wand Kit, Janine Melnitz Print Signed by Laura Summer, Afterlife Ecto 1 Number Plate, Ecto 1 3D Puzzle,And More!!!

2nd Prize

Lego Ecto1, Signed Robin Shelby Print, Custom Made Pewter Proton Rings, Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spengler’s Neutrona Wand,Ghostbusters Gadget Decals Decals, Janine Melnitz Print Signed by Laura Summer, Memorial Ivan Reitman Print by Ken Coleman, And More!!!

3rd Prize

Lego Ecto1, Mario Kart Print from Qwertee, Custom Made Pewter Proton Rings, Signed Robin Shelby Print, Ghostbusters Gadget Decals Decals, Janine Melnitz Print Signed by Laura Summer, And More!!!

CLICK HERE to purchase your raffle tickets, closing date is August 12th.



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